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WB21X5243 Surface element switch

Price: $16.85
Item Number: WB21X5243
Manufacturer: General Electric
WB21X5243 GE surface element switch.
  • Infinite switch 240PX 1002, 0641DM, 240VAC
  • Switch is equipped with a breakoff shaft and adaptor kit designed to replace several switches of this type.
  • When replacing switches WB21X226, WB21X228, WB21X239 and WB21X241, break shaft at the same length as the old switch.
  • Replaces:
  • WB2X5212, WB21X181, WB21X183, WB21X186, WB21X189, WB21X190, WB21X209, WB21X210, WB21X211, WB21X222, WB21X226, WB21X227, WB21X228, WB21X229, WB21X230, WB21X233, WB21X237, WB21X238, WB21X239, WB21X240, WB21X241, WB21X242, WB21X244, WB21X245, WB21X5006, WB21X5007, WB21X5012, WB21X5013, WB21X5017, WB21X5018, WB21X5020, WB21X5022, WB21X5023, WB21X5024, WB21X5025, WB21X5026, WB21X5027, WB21X5028, WB21X5030, WB21X5091, WB21X5092, WB21X5093, WB21X5094, WB21X5113, WB21X5127, WB21X5150, WB21X5151, WB21X5154, WB21X5166, WB21X5167, WB21X5168, WB21X5169, WB21X5197, WB21X5198, WB21X5199, WB21X5200, WB21X5201, WB21X5202, WB21X5203, WB21X5204, WB21X5205, WB21X5206, WB21X5213, WB21X5214, WB21X5217, WB21X5217R, WB21X5218, WB21X5219, WB21X5225, WB21X5243R, WB21X5244, WB21X5245, WB21X5246, WB21X5247, WB21X5353, WB23K5028, WB23K5030, WB23K5038, WB23M14, WB23M15, WB23X84, WB23X85, WB23X86, WB23X87, WB23X88, WB23X89, WB23X93, WB23X94, WB23X5092, WB23X5099, WB24X5281, WB24X5315, WB24X5333, WB24X5334, WB30M5, WB32X5095
A Genuine General Electric product.